This Is The Weirdest New Thing In Modern Politics

Anyone got the soundtrack to chariots of fire?

#McConnelling is a fun game started by Jon Stewart, mocking Mitch McConnell’s release of an awkward B-roll video.

Putting hilarious music over McConnell’s campaign B-roll became an internet sensation.

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And thanks to Mitch, we now have days of YouTube mockery to enjoy.

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But did you know that many other politicians have released awkward videos just like McConnell’s?


Many candidates are quietly releasing B-roll footage to corny soundtracks as bait for super PACs to make ads with.

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Politicians make these weird videos so they can openly coordinate with super PACS.


As Shane Goldmacher of National Journal puts it: “Candidates and the super PACs aren’t allowed to share videos, or any other information, in private. So campaigns have increasingly gone public, posting B-roll clips of their candidates shaking hands with all sorts of constituents in hopes that the images wind up in future TV ads.”

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There are dozens of examples of this b-roll successfully making it into super PAC ads.

It seems this awkward loophole is here to stay, so here is a beginner’s guide to making your own silent B-roll political ad.

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1. You gotta have a handshake in there.

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2. You have to tell the funniest joke on the planet.

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3. Make sure the reporter in the shot looks the part.

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5. HUG.

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6. Wander around with your family.

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8. “Sparks don’t bother me.”

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11. Be a ladies’ man.

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13. Lots of hand motions.

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14. Get lots of nodding in there.

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15. Show those kids how to use technology.

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16. Wear a hardhat.

You are clearly the common man.

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17. A creepy pan to camera.

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The man in item 3 is a progressive Colorado journalist, Mike Littwin. He is not a “vagrant lurker.” As Colorado Peak Politics wrote: “Littwin isn’t a vagrant! He’s a journalist. We all dress like that.”

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