Things Every D.C. Person Does On Their Snow Day


1. After tweeting an endless stream of vague weather maps, we are finally here, D.C.

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ID: 2313451

3. And even our overlords have agreed this time!

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4. The day starts out with rejoicing!

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5. If you are from a place that does not see snow often, you will tweet in disbelief.

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6. And get trolled by people who are used to snow.

In DC the horror

— Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew)
ID: 2312954

7. You will have the irresistible desire to take photos of snow through your window screen.

ID: 2313221

8. Then you will bravely take pics of your neighborhood.

Starting to look pillowy on the ground. This #snowday fall is working for it. #dc #brightwood

— Wendy Harman (@wharman)
ID: 2313085

9. Or your apartment building.

ID: 2313222

10. “Real snow in DC!”

My street. Real snow in DC! #snowday

— Leili Slutz (@LeiliSlutz)
ID: 2313131

11. You will make a big deal out of cleaning your car.

ID: 2313063

12. Then you will head out and start tweeting about what things look like covered in snow.

Our iconic red telephone box looks GREAT no matter the weather! #DCsnow

— British Embassy (@UKinUSA)
ID: 2312931

13. Instagram video about food trucks.

ID: 2313216

14. Ask yourself this: “Wait, what filter works best in snow?”

Snow falls on Pennsylvania, Ave in front of the White House.. #snowday

— Doug Mills (@dougmillsnyt)
ID: 2313035

15. Take selfies at monuments covered in snow.

ID: 2313219

16. And make Vines of famous stuff with snow on it.

ID: 2312812

17. If your office stayed open, you will brag about it.

Even though the snow is falling & the Fed Gov is closed, my DC office is open for business. #IowaStrong, No #snowday

— Dave Loebsack (@daveloebsack)
ID: 2313290

@bennyjohnson While most of the govt is closed due to snow, we're open & serving the #KY constituency. Stop by my office or call 2022244343

— Senator Rand Paul (@SenRandPaul)
ID: 2313000

19. Sup, Rep. Austin Scott’s office on the rooftop?

ID: 2313223

20. If you are on TV for a living, you will drag your cameramen outside.

Will be anchoring #TheLead from the planet Hoth today. http://t.co/Ou4islfGSz

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper)
ID: 2313004

21. Just so you can look like this:

ID: 2313328

22. Even people who work in the private sector will brag about going to work.

First day at the @washingtonpost. Because news doesn't stop for the snow.

— Zach C. Cohen (@Zachary_Cohen)
ID: 2313013

23. Your Foursquare check-in will be at “Snowtastrophe.”

ID: 2313574

24. Then, out of boredom, you will paste idiotic stuff like this on Facebook.

ID: 2313226

25. And desperately wait for these guys to plan a massive citywide snowball fight.

ID: 2313641

26. Then you slowly realize snow is inconvenient.

I could not have picked a worse day to start smoking. #dcsnow

— Martin (@martinavila)
ID: 2312823

27. And you will look for a massive list of happy hour snow specials.

ID: 2313672

28. And once again, if you live in Virginia, we don’t care.

ID: 2313224

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