Things Every D.C. Person Does On Their Snow Day


3. And even our overlords have agreed this time!

7. You will have the irresistible desire to take photos of snow through your window screen.

9. Or your apartment building.

11. You will make a big deal out of cleaning your car.

13. Instagram video about food trucks.

15. Take selfies at monuments covered in snow.

16. And make Vines of famous stuff with snow on it.

19. Sup, Rep. Austin Scott’s office on the rooftop?

21. Just so you can look like this:

23. Your Foursquare check-in will be at “Snowtastrophe.”

24. Then, out of boredom, you will paste idiotic stuff like this on Facebook.

25. And desperately wait for these guys to plan a massive citywide snowball fight.

27. And you will look for a massive list of happy hour snow specials.


28. And once again, if you live in Virginia, we don’t care.

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