The Staggering Demographic Changes In Congress Over 50 Years

What a difference 50 years makes. Yesterday marked the first day of the historic 113th congress of the United states of America. Why is it historic you might ask?

1. The US Congress was a different place 50 years ago

ID: 786988

2. Democrats had Super Majorities in both Houses

ID: 787132

3. And this family controlled the Executive Branch

ID: 787123

This gentleman was Speaker of the House

ID: 787011

5. House Leadership looked like this

ID: 787102

6. And a Presidential address looked like this

ID: 787103

This gent was gearing up for his first congressional run

ID: 787141

and this scout was meeting his future office

ID: 787157

But the difference in the demographic make-up of Congress over the last 50 years is what truly astounds

ID: 787402

In 1963 less than 6% of Congress held minority status

John Gara
ID: 787476

Today, minorities make up almost 30% of congress

John Gara
ID: 787480

So here’s to the future!

ID: 787482

Oh, and meet freshman Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III

ID: 787489

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