The Classiest Thing That Has Ever Happened In Congress

Drink up!

1. This is Fred Upton. He is a congressman from Michigan.

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2. This is Ed Whitfield. He is a congressman from Kentucky.

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3. This week Louisville, a school located in Kentucky, beat Michigan 82-76 for the NCAA National Title.

Charlie Neibergall / AP
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4. The next day at an energy committee hearing, Rep. Whitfield made a generous concession from his home district.

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5. Makers Mark happens to be made in the Kentucky congressman’s district. Whitfield walked the length of the conference room to give Upton a bottle.

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6. Upton then made a kind of awkward joke about Whitfield being hung-over.

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7. “Awkward.”

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8. But graciously accepted the present.

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9. See congress can agree on some things!

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10. You can watch the classy move here:

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11. And hey, Fred Upton is Kate Upton’s uncle—So cheer up congressman!

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