The 21 Most Joe Biden-Est Things Joe Biden Has Ever Joe Bidened

The VP that keeps on giving.

It is Joe Biden’s birthday, geniuses.

Pool / Reuters
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Will you be this badass when you are 71?

Carlos Jasso / Reuters


I think not.

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So sit back and observe the most Bidenest things to ever Biden.

AP Photo/Lau Fook Kong, The Straits Times
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21. Like, when Biden Bidened the Biden out of this unsuspecting scarf.

ID: 2007496

20. Biden once convinced the Leader of the Free World into breaking his diet.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 2005283

19. When he was able to body scan the body scanners.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images
ID: 2005318

18. When he gave a speech that looked like the final speech in Independence Day.

Tim Chong / Reuters
ID: 2005340

17. When his mere presence turned the Senate into squealing little girls.

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
ID: 2005427

16. When he hoisted a giant pumpkin over his entire Biden body.

ID: 2007442

15. When he became Horse Whisperer.

ID: 2007443

14. When this kid could only stare in awe of the full Biden.

ID: 2007452

13. When he threw “Full Biden Shade” at Kerry for only serving him fruit.

ID: 2007449

12. When he got “Biden Real” with these lucky-ass kids.

ID: 2007455

11. When Eli Manning asked to touch him.

ID: 2007456

10. When he entered a staring contest with Jesus.

Guess who won??? No one knows since it is still going on.

ID: 2007460

9. When he invented the biggest Twitter ever.

ID: 2007461

8. When he was the center of the world.

ID: 2007466

7. When he caught all these fish and delivered them to hungry people.

ID: 2007467

6. When he broke the “No Touching” rule.

ID: 2007485

5. When he made the greatest selfie in the history of selfies. Period.

ID: 2007489

4. When he shot this arrow.

ID: 2007490

3. This baby will now go on to cure cancer.

ID: 2007500

2. When he stole America’s hearts and girlfriends.

ID: 2007501

1. When he destroyed this magnificent ice cream cone.

ID: 2007502

Thanks for all the inspiration. Happy Birthday Uncle Joe.

Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters / Reuters
ID: 2005275

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