Marco Rubio Has A WTF Moment With Water On Live Television


1. The cameras came on and the senator from Florida was all like:

Dorsey Shaw
ID: 884981

2. “I’m thirsty people.”

ID: 884983

3. “This is delicious.”

Dorsey Shaw
ID: 884982

4. “Ummm, wait.”

ID: 885038

5. “Is that thing on?!”

ID: 885068

6. “Please no.”

ID: 885067

7. “Sorry.”

Dorsey Shaw
ID: 884989

8. Don’t worry Senator, we know how you feel.

ID: 885146

9. Senator Rubio’s official twitter response was truly perfect.

ID: 885052

10. Watch the full response:

ID: 885059

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