Presidents Love Michael Jackson

Even Ronald Reagan had a soft spot for the King of Pop.

4. Jimmy Carter loves him some MJ.

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And Jimmy Carter says:

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3. Ronald Reagan YOLO’d with Jackson at the White House in 1984.

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Reagan cracked MJ up…

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…then shook that glitter glove.

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Reagan told Jackson “Your success is an American dream come true.”

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George Bush invited Jackson to the White House after he won an “entertainer of the decade” award.

David Valdez, The White house.
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Bush did not receive the glitter glove.

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However Barbra walked Michael around the WH lawn and told him the latest gossip.

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George HW Bush was also known to give Jackson the screwface.

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2. Bill Clinton LOVED Jackson.

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They once posed for this glamor shot together!

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And Clinton sang with Jackson at his first inauguration.

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Clinton, killing ‘We are the World.’

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Jackson politely listening.

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Hillary even got in on the action.

Karen Dolan/ G&P Foundation / AP
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1. So no matter what you think of MJ, it is impossible to deny his effect on the American political world:

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And The King of Pop says:

Larry Bussacca/wire image
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