Photos Of Children Fighting In Syria That You Must See

The war of the young.

1. Children have been involved from the start of the Syrian revolution.

STRINGER / Reuters
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HANDOUT / Reuters

A member of the Free Syrian Army holds up a child as he protests against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad

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3. But as the civil war enters it’s third year, more and more children are becoming involved in the day-to-day fighting.

HANDOUT / Reuters
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4. Many of the boys follow their parents into the war.

Stringer / Reuters
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A Free Syrian Army checkpoint guard with his son.

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6. Reporters on the ground say of the rebel forces: “most are young civilians, some 16 or 17 years old.”

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7. Boys as young as 12 have been reported on the battlefield.

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8. Some are younger than that.

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9. Young boys who cannot handle weapons are used to carry supplies for the rebels.

STRINGER / Reuters
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10. This boy runs to avoid sniper fire.

ARIS MESSINIS / Getty Images
ID: 1605748

11. And feeding ammunition for artillery.

Stringer / Reuters
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12. Many of the teenagers are snipers.

STRINGER / Reuters
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13. Because of their endurance and good eyesight.

Stringer / Reuters
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14. There is formal training for these boys…

BULENT KILIC / Getty Images
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15. … so they will be competent on the battlefield.

STRINGER / Reuters
ID: 1605751

16. They fight in bedrooms that could be their own.

Stringer / Reuters
ID: 1592456

17. And use basketball courts they could be playing on as a location to fire mortars.

Stringer / Reuters

ID: 1605888

18. They sleep wherever they can.

Stringer / Reuters
ID: 1592374

19. They sleep in classrooms that they just graduated from.

STRINGER / Reuters
ID: 1605743

A boy with a gun on a school bench.

ID: 1605753

21. This is how they shower.

Stringer / Reuters
ID: 1588642

22. And this is how they swim… sometimes in captured pools and sometimes in craters left by bombs.

Stringer / Reuters

ID: 1605974

23. They are wounded along with the older solders.

Stringer / Reuters
ID: 1588633

24. And they keep photos of their families with them.

Stringer / Reuters
ID: 1592385

25. And no matter how macho they act…

ID: 1605754

26. … they are still kind of just kids.

Stringer / Reuters
ID: 1592468

27. Kids with play things.

STRINGER / Reuters
ID: 1605708

These children use this former Assad tank as a jungle gym.

ID: 1605728

29. And while the boys fight, the girls wait in long lines for humanitarian aid.

MEZAR MATAR / Getty Images
ID: 1605712
Stringer / Reuters

A girl cheers near the site where a jet fighter belonging to forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad crashed.

ID: 1588377

31. For these children, their country has changed forever.

- / Getty Images

‘Free Syria’ in Arabic.

ID: 1605732

32. But the question remains how long will the devastating war rage on?

Rodrigo Abd / AP

6-months old laughs as he is posed with a machine gun.

ID: 1605778

33. I hope not long.

Hani Mohammed / AP
ID: 1605768

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