15 People Who Are Ruining The Drive-Thru For All Of Us

The drive-thru really has only one rule.

The drive-thru is an American gift to the world, and we must protect it!

Shawn Callan / Via

So these people who do not play by the rules are no longer allowed.

15. People in scooters.

14. People who pull way too far away from the window and ruin the worker’s life.

Reminder: If you park too far away, this might happen.

13. People who come in conflict with the drive-thru window.

12. People with a dead body in their car.

11. People who traumatize the poor employee working the window.

10. People in cardboard cars. Even though we love you.

8. People in tanks.

7. We love Transformers, but they do hold up the line a bit.

6. People on Segways.

5. People that are too extreme!!!

4. Strange grifter people who loiter.

Most likely ordering a Frosty.

3. People who take out their daily aggression on the drive-thru worker.

2. People who are oddly oblivious to the purpose of a drive-thru.

1. People who found driving through too difficult.

Come on, guys!

You’re doing it wrong!

I’m not even sure this place had a drive-thru before you made one, jackass.

But people dressed as the Flintstones can stay.

And Harry Styles. You can stay.

Finally, people on horses can stay, because horses rock.

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