15 People Who Are Ruining The Drive-Thru For All Of Us

The drive-thru really has only one rule.

The drive-thru is an American gift to the world, and we must protect it!

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So these people who do not play by the rules are no longer allowed.

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15. People in scooters.

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14. People who pull way too far away from the window and ruin the worker’s life.

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Reminder: If you park too far away, this might happen.

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13. People who come in conflict with the drive-thru window.

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12. People with a dead body in their car.

ID: 1006278

11. People who traumatize the poor employee working the window.

ID: 1006282

Poor guy.

ID: 1010683

10. People in cardboard cars. Even though we love you.

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ID: 1006272

A car.

ID: 1006285

9. Catfish.

ID: 1006287

8. People in tanks.

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7. We love Transformers, but they do hold up the line a bit.

ID: 1006295

6. People on Segways.

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5. People that are too extreme!!!

ID: 1006320

4. Strange grifter people who loiter.

ID: 1006286

Most likely ordering a Frosty.

ID: 1006289

3. People who take out their daily aggression on the drive-thru worker.

ID: 1010682

2. People who are oddly oblivious to the purpose of a drive-thru.

ID: 1006317

1. People who found driving through too difficult.

ID: 1006271

Come on, guys!

ID: 1006324

You’re doing it wrong!

ID: 1006323


ID: 1006292

I’m not even sure this place had a drive-thru before you made one, jackass.

ID: 1006319

But people dressed as the Flintstones can stay.

ID: 1006277

And Harry Styles. You can stay.

ID: 1006290

Finally, people on horses can stay, because horses rock.

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