Obama Is Totally Just Copying Other Presidents

He might as well just throw in the towel now.

1. Heading a soccer ball? Nixon did it.

ID: 1360902

2. Painting? Come on! Bush!

ID: 1360935

3. Messing around in the White House corridors? Kennedy did it.

ID: 1360949

4. Throwing around the ole’ pigskin? Clinton loved it.

ID: 1360969

5. Playing with guns? Reagan beat cha.

ID: 1360980

6. Fist bump? Yea G.H.W.B has got you covered.

ID: 1360990

7. Topless? Sorry, Ford has been there.

ID: 1361012

8. The three-way peace handshake? Carter. Dammit.

ID: 1361045

9. Feet on desk? BUSH!

ID: 1361053

10. Big Bird has no loyalty to Obama.

ID: 1360999

11. But Obama will always have superheros.

ID: 1361073

12. Dammit REAGAN!

ID: 1361086

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