John Boehner’s Facebook Wall Is Not A Happy Place Right Now

Lots of talk of balls and RINOs.

1. On Wednesday night John Boehner posted this message on his Facebook page. The response was immense.

ID: 1823722

2. The comments on the post were quite varied.

Via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 1823394

3. Many commenters were very sad.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 1823392

4. And many commenters took their anger out on the speaker.

Via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 1823385

5. Some asked about Boehner’s balls.

Via Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
ID: 1823391

6. Some accused Boehner of being Obama’s “bitch.”

ID: 1823395

7. Some called Boehner a pussy.

Via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 1823397

8. Some wanted to switch parties.

ID: 1823382

9. Some were more profane than others.

Via Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
ID: 1823384

10. Many called Boehner a RINO.

“Republican In Name Only.”

ID: 1823775

11. Some commenters demanded Boehner’s resignation.

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times
ID: 1823383

12. Some used less-than-politically correct vernacular.

ID: 1823387

13. Some were sure American is now a “communist nation.”

Via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 1823388

14. Some called for congressional beatings.

Via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 1823389

15. Some commenters were less clear with their concerns.

Via AP
ID: 1823390

16. And the internet just trolled the way the internet trolls.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 1823396

17. But some were supportive of the speaker.

Via Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 1823404

18. And some spoke for an exhausted American people.

Via Tom Williams/ Roll Call
ID: 1823724

19. And John Boehner says:

Via Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
ID: 1823723

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