The Extraordinary World Of Exploding Balloons

Great every time!

1. An exploding balloon is the best thing on the planet.

2. You can make the most surreal images ever with exploding balloons.

6. Your rabbit will learn not to mate so much with an exploding balloon.

7. You will learn to not go on Japanese game shows with an exploding balloon.

8. You can clean your entire backyard picnic table with an exploding balloon!

9. You can create a new hairstyle with an exploding balloon.

12. You can also exfoliate with an exploding balloon.

13. You can get revenge on annoying bros with an exploding balloon.

14. Actually bro vs. balloon is the very best.

15. Seriously.

16. Every faucet on your house should look like this.

17. You can start off a nice date with a Balloon.

18. You can teach your cat about the flexibility of object permanence with a Balloon.

19. Yes, sir.

20. And your baby!

21. And all your children really.

22. Good lesson to learn.

23. Balloons are even cool when they don’t explode!

24. You can get back at that annoying squirrel with an exploding balloon.

25. You can just be a general badass with an exploding Balloon.

26. Oh, we know there isn’t anything better than an exploding balloon.

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