22 Ways To Tell If You Are Getting Too Drunk


Everyone loves a good drink!

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But how do you know if you’ve drank too much?

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22. It will all begin when you start feeling very happy and warm inside.

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21. You start getting very vocal with your opinions.

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20. You start attempting things you may not be physically capable of.

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Indoors or outdoors.

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19. You will most likely start getting dramatic.

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And emotionally.

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And loud.

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18. There is a good chance that simple tasks will become very difficult.

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17. The urge to get up in front of everybody and make a scene will grow inside you.

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16. You will want to dance everywhere you go.

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And your general philosophy toward dancing will be:

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And you will probably start dancing in some inappropriate places.

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15. If your friend tries to leave the bar you say:

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But sitting down yourself will also get harder.

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14. If you use the bathroom you will probably forget bathroom etiquette.

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13. You may start doing things that annoy everyone around you:

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12. When your friends tell you that you are getting too drunk, you will most likely deny it:

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“GUYZ I GOT THIS” you will say.

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11. You will most likely need to eat, and the food will not be good for you.

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10. You will start to lose your coordination.

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So be careful!

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9. Walking places will become more difficult.

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And society will feel like it’s conspiring against you!

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8. You might try to operate machinery you are not qualified to use at the moment.

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This will almost always turn out bad for you.

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7. You may start hitting on people who may be out of your league.

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6. You may also start getting sexually inappropriate.

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Or making romantic decisions you wouldn’t otherwise.

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You may even start getting romantic in the wrong places!

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5. At the end of the night meeting someone new will be like:

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4. You may even lose your balance!

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3. Last call will cause minor panic:

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2. And bar close will be a very sad time for you:

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And you might beg the bartender for another:

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1. You will most likely do some dumb things that you will regret in the morning.

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If you are getting too drunk, this will most likely be you tomorrow:

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If you are this drunk, you need to:

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And go home:

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And when you leave, we will all go:

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