Going Out: Expectation Vs. Reality

This night is gonna rule.

1. Arriving home after work on a Friday. Expectation:

3. When your friends immediately ask you to go out. Expectation:

5. Getting ready to go out. Expectation:

7. Doing a quick pre-game. Expectation:

9. Arriving at the bar. Expectation:

11. Getting your first drink at the bar. Expectation:

13. You notice all the people in the bar that are younger than you. Expectation:

15. You propose a toast. Expectation:

17. When you see your crush across the bar. Expectation:

19. You and your friends start dancing. Expectation:

21. Your friend suggests going to the club. Expectation:

23. Leaving the bar. Expectation:

25. Walking into the club. Expectation:

27. Your friend wants to get tequila shots. Expectation:

29. A creeper starts hitting on you. Expectation:

31. You hit the dance floor. Expectation:

33. Someone spills their drink on you. Expectation:

35. Dancing up on someone hot on the dance floor. Expectation:

37. What you think you look like by the end of the night. Expectation:

38. Reality:

39. You pay your tab at the club. Expectation:

41. The club shuts down. Expectation:

43. And maybe what you should have done instead:

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