Everyone Is Posting Pictures Of Their Socks For George H.W. Bush’s Birthday

The Bush center celebrated by wearing exuberant socks.

1. George H.W. Bush has a tendency to wear kickass socks.

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2. So for his 89th birthday, the George Bush center asked people to tweet their socks with a birthday message for the former President and the hashtag #41s89th

ID: 1263336

3. Former Bush cabinet members joined in.

ID: 1263224

4. As did House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

ID: 1263231

5. And Romney got in on the action.

ID: 1263354

6. The president of Texas A & M.

ID: 1263337

7. And this guy.

ID: 1263335

9. Some girls at the Bush Center.

ID: 1263349

10. Along with a ton of other staff.

ID: 1263437

11. And the CEO of the Bush Center.

ID: 1263338

12. This moustache aficionado.

ID: 1263347

13. This bored dog.

ID: 1263341

14. This boy.

ID: 1263345

15. This girl.

ID: 1263348

16. And this patriotic baby.

ID: 1263340

17. Bush even posted his own photo with his granddaughter Mila.

ID: 1263227

18. So, happy birthday George Bush.

ID: 1263445

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