Darrell Issa Is Getting Lots Of Cats For His Birthday

It is weird and cool.

1. Rep. Darrell Issa regularly tweets out a picture of a cat on Fridays. He calls it “Friday Kitty.”


2. Friday, November 1, is Issa’s birthday. Many of his followers are sending their good wishes. But some of them are taking it a step further.

3. An alarming number of people have been tweeting pictures of cats at him.

4. Some people just shared pictures of their own cats.

Bingo & Alf wish @DarrellIssa a very happy birthday!!!

— mchastain81 (@Mary Chastain)

@DarrellIssa Happy birthday! Here’s a Friday kitty. Keep up the good work!

— agkozak (@Alexandros Kozák)

9. Some were customized.

Peep, whose birthday was yesterday, wishes @DarrellIssa a very happy birthday! #FridayKitty

— AnnaDsays (@Anna #FSU)

10. Some people took it up a notch.

#Friday Kitty @DarrellIssa Happy Birthday

— LindaRoyer1 (@Linda Royer)

11. Some people got emotional.

Best FRIENDS forever @DarrellIssa #FridayKitty

— tweet2u2 (@Maggie)

12. Some people made a political statement out of it.

@DarrellIssa @MicheleBachmann :Please don't cancel my Healthcare & force me into Obamacare.

— davek (@davek)

13. Other members of Congress joined in.

Happy Birthday @DarrellIssa! Since it’s Friday, this calls for a special #FridayKitty

— MicheleBachmann (@Michele Bachmann)

14. And of course, some people just trolled him because it was his birthday.

Via @bluffcityjk, "Bandghazi's" debut album, "Fast and Furious", with firebug @DarrellIssa on the cover

— WretchedSnark (@Stefan BC)

@DarrellIssa I know we've had our differences, but since it's your birthday, I say take some laxatives and #poop on the #bus all you want!

— Soft_Serve (@The Henster)

16. Here is how Issa’s office responded to all of this:

It's #FridayKitty!!!!!!!! Thx so much for wonderful bday wishes. In honor of today I give you birthday kitty >>

— DarrellIssa (@Darrell Issa)

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