45 Best Things About Living In Oklahoma

Labor omnia vincit.

1. Our state mammal is the bison — basically the original badass American creature.

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2. We have our priorities straight when it comes to cattle transport vs. pristine car interiors.

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3. All the Sonic, all the time.

The national restaurant chain was founded in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

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4. Also, Breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg…

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5. …the fried chicken and beer at Eischen’s…

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6. …the burger at Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler (and the way families gather there after Little League games).

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7. …and Leo’s BBQ.

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8. Oklahoma has about 400 miles of Route 66.

That’s more miles of original routing left than any other Route 66 state.

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9. The Old Round Barn in Arcardia on Route 66.

That thing is awesome.

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10. Also along Route 66: The Catoosa Blue Whale waterslide!

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11. Oklahoma is home to the world’s second largest McDonald’s.

Right over the Will Rogers turnpike.

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12. The five-story Chihuly sculpture at the Oklahoma Museum of Art.

Really, the whole Chihuly exhibit.

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13. Watching the Paseo Arts District turn into a vibrant gallery hub.

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14. The view from the top of The Wildcat roller coaster at Frontier City — all sky.

OKC’s hilarious Wild West-themed amusement.

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15. When this happens to one of your friends or siblings.

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16. Grand Lake.

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17. Lake Eufaula.

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18. And this catfish, allegedly pulled out of Lake Texoma.

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19. Does your capital city have a gigantic milk bottle?

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20. OK, but what about Braum’s crinkle-cut French fries?

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21. “Pops” in Arcadia, OK, sells nearly 500 types of soda.

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22. Brad Pitt is from Shawnee, Oklahoma.

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23. And Garth Brooks is from Yukon.

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24. Olivia Munn is from Oklahoma City.

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25. And the Flaming Lips are too.

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26. Chuck Norris was born in Ryan, Oklahoma.

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Don’t forget.

Sorry that we did!

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27. And Miss Oklahoma was first runner-up at the Miss USA Pageant.

In 2010.

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28. Cimarron County in Oklahoma’s panhandle is the only county in the United States that touches four other states: New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Kansas!

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29. Oklahoma has more ecological regions per square mile than any other state — including BIG green mountains.

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Big sky prairies.

Harvey Payne / The Nature Conservancy
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And mostly, a lot of flat, flat prairies and big, big sky.

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30. Does your state have its own colorful lizard? I think NOT!

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31. This man.

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32. Oh, and this one.

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33. It took the Oklahoma City Thunder club only three years to make it to the NBA Championships after relocating from Seattle to Oklahoma.

Bill Waugh / Reuters
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They were the second youngest NBA Finals team in NBA history.

Brett Deering / Getty Images
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34. Between 2006 to 2010, Oklahoma’s gross domestic product grew by 10.6% — even in the midst of a recession.

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35. Oklahoma’s unemployment rate is 4.9% — the national average is 7.5%.

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36. Oklahoma has the most wins and best winning percentage in college football over the last 75 years.

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37. ESPN ranked Oklahoma the most prestigious college football program in modern college football.

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38. The Oklahoma State Cowboys have made bowl games in five of the last six years and ended the season No. 1 in the nation in 2011.

They also hold nine conference championships, one Heisman Trophy winner, two NFL Hall of Fame members, and 32 All-Americans to the Cowboys’ name.

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39. Oklahoma is home to more Native American tribal headquarters than any other state.

There are 39 tribes and nations of Native Americans.

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40. There are 25 Native American languages spoken in Oklahoma, second only to California.

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41. We’re also home to the amazing Red Earth Native American Festival.

When, every June, more than 1,500 Native American dancers and artists gather in the streets of downtown Oklahoma City.

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42. The Philbrook Museum in Tulsa is one of the top 50 fine art museums in the United States.

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43. And was your state the inspiration for one of the greatest musicals of all time?

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And Hugh Jackman says, “OOOOOOOKLAHOMA!”

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44. But most importantly, no matter what happens…

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…in the face of national tragedy or natural disaster…

ID: 1197764

…Oklahoma stays strong.

ID: 1197773

45. We take care of each other.

ID: 1197786

Even the little guys.

Marcus DiPaola/Xinhua via Zuma Press / MCT
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Marcus DiPaola/Xinhua via Zuma Press / MCT
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