Is Your City On Kim Jong-Un’s American Bombing Targets Map?

Get ready!

1. North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un is plotting in his lair.

Kcna / Reuters
ID: 1026366

2. But what is this? Behind Dear Leader appears to be a strategic map of the United States!

ID: 1026599

3. So first thing we can deduce is:

ID: 1026574

4. If you zoom in on the map and raise the contrast, you can see it clearer, along with bombing routes!

ID: 1026573

5. A rough U.S. outline overlay shows the potential targets:

Modified by James Pearson of NK News (KCNA)
ID: 1026586

6. HOLY!!!

ID: 1026665

7. D.C., L.A., Atlanta, and Honolulu: Better watch your asses!

Modified by James Pearson of NK News (KCNA)
ID: 1026766

8. Atlanta might be gone forever!!!

ID: 1027360

9. If he did bomb us, he would use this special, high-tech computer/piano to launch the bombings.

Kcna / Reuters
ID: 1026372

10. And he would watch it like this. Smoking.

Kcna Kcna / Reuters
ID: 1026368

11. Watch out! Hes got a gun!

Kcna Kcna / Reuters
ID: 1026373

12. He may even send in his miniature army vehicles if we’re not careful.

Kcna / Reuters
ID: 1026371

13. So everyone, get ready!

ID: 1026536

14. Shit is about to get real.

Kcna / Reuters
ID: 1026375

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