Apple’s Siri Is A Secretly A Huge Ron Paul Supporter

A perfect Paul-bot.

1. Everyone knows the iPhone’s personal, often sassy, robo-assistant Siri.

ID: 1985978

2. If you ask Siri what her political views are, guess what she responds with?

ID: 1985984

3. That’s right! She drops you right on the Ron Paul Wikipedia page.

ID: 1985997

4. And Libertarians online rejoyced!

ID: 1986004

5. The Libertarian sub-Reddit found that it worked for them.


And asked for Ron Paul to run somewhere between 2016 and 2028.

ID: 1986020

6. As did this guy who completely reset his 5S and then got the same answer.

ID: 1986027

7. I also tried it last night and got the same result.

ID: 1986105

8. Could this be because Ron Paul and the tech industry really see eye to eye on topics such as internet freedom?

ID: 1986073

9. No one can be sure. But someone at Apple really wants you to learn more about Ron Paul.

ID: 1986082

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