17 Animals Who Are Eating The Wrong Thing


1. This cat knows she can’t eat a watermelon!

2. This baby duck can’t eat pizza!

That goes for you too, hedgehog.

3. This strawberry is waaay too big for the little turtle!

4. This flower is far too stale for the rabbit.

5. This dog is just not polite.

6. This chinchilla is way too eager for the toothpaste.

7. These sloths cannot share one string bean!

8. These rabbits better be in Colorado.

9. These fish do not have a dentistry license.

10. This raccoon is far too comfortable with his popcorn.

11. This cat should not be eating whatever was in this cup.

12. This lion is not allowed to eat the baby.

13. And this musician is not allowed to eat the cat.

14. This red panda will have indigestion.

15. This cat is not sure about a crunchy wafer.

16. This kitty cannot have enough Cap’n Crunch.

17. This squirrel should definitely not be eating this Tyrannosaurus Rex.

So make sure your pet eats a proper diet—

They will be healthier…

…and happier!

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