9 Reasons Why Everyone In Washington Should Miss Tom Coburn

The best beard in Congress.

Senator Tom Coburn announced Thursday that he would retire at the end of this year.


He has been battling cancer and will be leaving his term two years early. Here are some solid reasons why everyone in Washington should miss him.

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1. He has such a gorgeous beard — other jealous senators stop just to stare at it.

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Does your senator’s beard have its own Twitter handle?

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And his beard inspired all those who witnessed it.

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He is the Dumbledore of Congress.

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2. Every year he would come out with his ‘Wastebook’, detailing the most asinine levels of government spending.

The Associated Press
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Which produced national headlines like this:

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And this.

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3. He would use your bill as an umbrella if he disagreed with it.

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4. He did this on live TV.

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Oh, you thought that was just for Fox News?

Take that senate floor.

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5. And he made Van Jones look at him like this:

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6. He is a doctor.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters / Reuters


D.C. needs more of those.

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7. He has the greatest Facebook posts, including this one about a drunk communist panda.

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And this one captioned: “Congress should stop monkeying around with math.”

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8. He was willing to take on powerful members of his own party.



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Including attacking wasteful spending in the U.S. military.

Not popular with many rank and file Republicans.

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9. And he was respected across the aisle.

It's been an honor to serve w/@TomCoburn. I know he’ll continue to fight for the people of OK & hold gov't accountable for all Americans

— Senator Tim Kaine (@timkaine)
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Sorry to hear Dr. @TomCoburn is retiring. We may not always agree, but he's a good man and a good senator. Am praying for his health.

— Senator Chris Coons (@ChrisCoons)
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So here’s to you, Tom Coburn.

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