8 Sexy Second Jobs For Congress

The “No Budget, No Pay Act” would mean Congress doesn’t get a paycheck if they don’t pass a budget. Given that the last budget was passed in 2009, that might mean a long time without pay. Here are some suggestions on how our lovable political figures could make some spare cash back in their home states.

1. Harry Reid could strip in Vegas.

John Gara
ID: 827798

2. Pelosi could fry chalupas in Northern California.

iirraa/Creative Commons via Flickr / Via Flickr: iirraa
ID: 826486

3. Paul Ryan could be a personal trainer in Kenosha, WI.

John Gara
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4. Eric Cantor could give spirited tours in Colonial Williamsburg.

Harvey Barrison/Creative Commons via Flickr / Via Flickr: hbarrison
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5. Speaker Boehner could caddy at any number of fine Ohio golf courses.

John Gara
ID: 827792

6. Maryland Congressman Hoyer could make popular meatball subs at WaWa.

John Gara
ID: 827794

7. Minority Leader McConnell could sell hot dogs at the Kentucky Derby.

John Gara
ID: 827803

8. There are many fine diners in the city of New York that Sen. Schumer could moonlight at.

John Gara
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