7 Types Of Selfies Congressmen Take

Which one is your member’s favorite?

7. The “I’m in a hearing!” selfie

Demonstrated here by Rep. Sean Duffy.

6. The “Just chillin with some reporters” selfie


Honestly, these are more fun for the reporters. Thanks Reps. Farenthold, Denham and Garcia.

5. The “I’m about to go on TV!” selfie

Thank you, Rep. Himes.

4. The hidden selfie

Demonstrated here by Rep. Thomas Massie.

“You sly dog!”

VETERAN MOVE: The hidden selfie in an iPad reflection

Demonstrated here by Rep. Eric Swalwell.

3. The “Hey! I’m campaigning!” selfie

Demonstrated here by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

VETERAN MOVE: Tulsi is also master of the “On a mountain with my sister” selfie

2. The Vine selfie

Demonstrated here by Rep. Eric Swalwell.

My God, he is getting good at them.

1. The career ending selfie


Demonstrated here by former Reps. Weiner and Lee.

PRO TIP: Even if it ruins your career, you will most likely keep taking selfies.


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