7 Massive Plot Spoilers From The New "House Of Cards" Promo

How did I not see that?!

House of Cards is returning to Netflix in February, geniuses.

Netflix / Via wall.alphacoders.com

And Netflix just released the second season promo, packed with plot spoilers.


Here they are:

7. Claire Underwood is the sexiest D.C. wife there is.

Netflix / Via youtube.com

6. Claire ditches clean water to work for the tobacco lobby.

Netflix / Via youtube.com

5. Claire has every other character offed.

Netflix / Via youtube.com

3. Claire Underwood learns to blow upside-down American smoke flags.

Netflix / Via youtube.com

2. Claire becomes the United Nations secretary-general.

Netflix / Via youtube.com

1. Claire takes over the world, gives clean water to everyone on the planet.

Netflix / Via youtube.com

That was actually the real plot of the series.

See the full, revealing promo here:

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