39 People Who Just Learned Gravity Is A Bitch

Sir Isaac Newton would be proud.

1. Everyone has to learn about gravity sometime!

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2. Some people learn about it when they’re young.

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3. Some people learn about it when they’re old.

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4. This co-ed just learned that gravity causes you to accelerate at 9.8 meters per second squared.

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5. This young man just learned that that is really fast!

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6. This tree just taught this gentleman that all falling objects travel at 9.8 m/s squared, regardless of size.

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7. So gravity is a great equalizer.

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8. Sir Isaac Newton was the first to accurately describe how gravity works in 1690. This boy just figured it out in 2013.

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9. Newton’s gravitation equation is F = Gm1m2/r2.

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10. Where “F” is the force due to gravity, between two masses.

ID: 932050

11. Which are a distance “r” apart

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12. “G” is the gravitational constant that will always be there.

ID: 932040

13. This cat just learned that gravity is dependent on mass differential.

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14. And the young man in the middle just learned the force of gravity is dependent on distance between objects.

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15. Acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth is g = GM/r2.

ID: 932055

16. Where “M” is the mass of the Earth.

ID: 932049

17. And “r” is the radius of the Earth (or distance between the center of the Earth and you, standing on its surface).

ID: 932053

18. And “G” is the gravitational constant.

ID: 932087

19. These two making out just learned about gravitational acceleration!

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20. Einstein’s theory of general relativity (GR) is Gμν = 8πG/c4 Tμν.

ID: 932056

21. It is a very accurate theory of gravity.

ID: 932052

22. Where “G” (without the subscripts) is the gravitational constant.

ID: 932094

23. And “c” is the speed of light.

ID: 932237

24. This young lady just learned that Einstein was right!

ID: 932246

25. Gravitational Potential Energy is Eg = mgh.

ID: 932058

26. Where “m” is mass of object…

ID: 932059

27. …”g” is acceleration due to gravity…

ID: 932092

28. …”Eg” is the amount of gravitational potential energy an object has when it is near the surface of the Earth…

ID: 932093

29. …and “h” is height of object above the surface of Earth.

ID: 932099

30. Marines now know about gravitational potential energy!

ID: 932119

31. Large objects in the universe are also subject to gravitational acceleration: a = √(GMa0/r)

ID: 932100

32. Where where “a” is the acceleration an object feels…

ID: 932114

33. …”M” is the mass of a galaxy…

ID: 932115

34. …”r” the distance between the object and the center of the galaxy…

ID: 932238

35. …and “G” is the gravitational constant.

ID: 932121

36. This cameraman does not appreciate the mass of the universe.

ID: 932245

37. Sadly, none of these equations can determine the acceleration of gravity between two bros.

ID: 932267

38. So keep it up, guys…

ID: 932256

39. You’re gonna nail it someday!

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