37 Definitive Ways To Tell If Your Dad Is A Bro

Be advised: you may never see your father in the same light again.

Have you ever wondered if your dad was a secret bro?

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But you’re just not sure.

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Well here is your definitive answer.

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1. Were you babysat like this?

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2. And were you taught this ‘trick’?

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3. Did your dad flex with you?

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4. Did your dad flex without you?

ID: 810295

5. Is this how you learned to ride a bike?

ID: 809910

6. Was this how you went to the beach?

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7. Did adolescent photos turn out like this?

ID: 809937

8. Did your dad compare his varsity days to yours?

ID: 809959

9. Was your dad permissive of underage drinking… as long as it was light beer?

ID: 809964

10. Does your dad ‘chug’?

ID: 809985

11. Does your dad strike an epic pose when he chugs?

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12. Like, epic?

ID: 810134

13. Is he very competitive?

ID: 810193

14. Fist bump?

ID: 809987

15. Does your dad hang out with your friends?

ID: 809990

16. Does your dad drink with your friends?

ID: 809999

17. Does your dad do keg stands?

ID: 810011

18. Does your dad do keg stands with your friends?

ID: 810026

19. Does your dad work out?

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20. And does he talk about it when he does?

ID: 810305

21. Is this how he shows affection?

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22. Does your dad go swimming and strike this pose?

ID: 810038

23. Can your dad shotgun?

ID: 810041

24. Can your dad shotgun better than you?

ID: 810049

25. Is your dad very enthusiastic about women?

ID: 810066

26. Do you feel sorry for your mom at times?

ID: 810176

27. Does your dad kill it at beer pong?

ID: 810113

28. Does he play it with his friends?

ID: 810099

29. Dose he play it with your friends?

ID: 810096

30. Does he play it with your little brothers?

ID: 810104

31. Does he talk smack over beer pong?

ID: 810109

32. Does your dad smoke with your friends?

ID: 810129

33. Does your dad wear these glasses in public?

ID: 810155

34. Does your dad find Snooki interesting?

ID: 810172

35. Does your dad hit a beer bong?

ID: 810142

36. Doe your dad even hit fake beer bongs?

ID: 810146

37. Does he make any penis joke available?

ID: 810162

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these there is a good chance your dad is a bro.

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But don’t worry!

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Bros only get better with age!

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So enjoy your bro dad!

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