33 Dopest Kids At The White House Easter Egg Roll

This is how they roll.

The White House Easter Egg Roll is an annual tradition where thousands of families visit the South Lawn…

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…and then roll a hard-boiled egg about 10 feet with a wooden spoon.

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The president may also come down and yell and laugh at you.

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But the real winners are the dope kids who show up.

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1. The kids who are still figuring out their game.

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2. The master.

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3. The kid with the blue velvet jacket.

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4. The kid who brought his bow-tie-and-plaid-jacket swagger.

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5. The girl who just dropped her wooden spoon and stomped it.

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6. This kid throwing signs.

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7. This girl who just kind of sat down at the finish line.

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8. Haterz gon hate.

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9. This hero who rebeled against the system.

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10. The kid who done changed the game.


“Screw this. I’m running.”

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11. The kid who, in reality, is cooler than you.

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12. The kids with 104% more swag than you.

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Like, but actually.

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13. The girl who is all of us with Froot Loops.

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14. The professor.

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15. These patriots.

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16. This girl who is a bunny.

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17. This girl who is over the whole “rolling” thing.

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18. These kids and their rope.

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19. This kid who knows how to travel.

ID: 2815993

20. This kid who got down on the egg’s level.

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21. This kid who is more interested in the grass.

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22. The kid who is just hungry, OK?

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23. These two who are really trying to figure this mess out, people.

ID: 2816051

24. “No, but really. What is happening?”

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25. This girl who is really only interested in the egg.

ID: 2816065

26. This kid killin’ the hat game.

ID: 2816072

27. This kid with a better tie game than you.

ID: 2816094

28. The kid who nailed this high five with the president.

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29. These kids trying to hide their joy after high-fiving Obama.

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30. This kid who owns the clapping game.

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31. This girl who brought her own egg.

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32. These kids crushing their Peeps.

ID: 2816147

33. “The Peeps are the best part of this day.”

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And the least dope people at the egg roll are this guy and Dr. Oz taking a selfie.

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And the adults who stole a bunch of Peeps.

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All photos by Benny Johnson.

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