31 Kids Who Just Had Their Lives Ruined By The Easter Bunny

Yes, that costume is kind of creepy.

Dear kids: We know the Easter bunny is kind of weird.

ID: 1021394

And confusing.

ID: 1021404

1. So you have every right to freak out when we put you on his lap.

ID: 1021351

2. Feel free to squirm.

ID: 1021353

3. And wiggle out of his hairy paws.

ID: 1021358

4. Scream bloody murder.

ID: 1021357

5. And start to kick.

ID: 1021359

6. Use your egg as a weapon if you must.

ID: 1021360

7. Cry at the top of your lungs.

ID: 1021361

8. And motion for your bottle. Anything, anything to get through this hell.

ID: 1021362

9. Easter bunny fur is not soft.

ID: 1021363

10. And he laughs maniacally.

ID: 1021365

11. Try to escape his grasp.

ID: 1021366

12. And scream for the sake of your sister!

ID: 1021367

13. “Get away!”

ID: 1021369

14. “Jump!”

ID: 1021370

15. Reach out for help.

ID: 1021401

16. “REACH!”

ID: 1021372

17. Flail your limbs about.

ID: 1021373

18. Push out of there!

ID: 1021379

19. Try to get away!

ID: 1021378

21. Harder!

ID: 1021384

22. Get out!

ID: 1021389

23. You are almost there!

ID: 1021393

24. “This cannot be happening!”

ID: 1021388

25. “This is the worst thing in the WORLD!”

ID: 1021386

26. “Good heavens, they are multiplying!”

ID: 1021396

27. If all else fails, look menacingly at him!

ID: 1021397

28. “Oh, this is awful!”

ID: 1021402

29. “Dear god. Shall it ever stop?”

ID: 1021392

30. Tell your parents how much you hate that bunny.

ID: 1021375

31. And maybe they will never bring you around this creature again.

ID: 1021381

But real bunnies are better, right?

ID: 1021398

And Santa says:

ID: 1021364

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