27 Signs That Are Absolutely Necessary In Society

I think this is a sign.

27. Louisiana: You have a choice.

ID: 1015211

26. The legal system is unfair.

ID: 1015210

25. This sign in a Texas bar has been backed up by human testing.

ID: 1015206

24. At least you don’t have to wonder anymore.

ID: 1015214

23. They should have one of these at every psychology office.

ID: 1015217

22. This was placed right underneath Pride Rock.

ID: 1015199

21. This Doughnut shop is about to get crazy.

ID: 1015202

20. This Bus ad campaign has seen mixed results.

ID: 1015207

19. This was what their lawyer advised.

ID: 1015213

18. Does someone have the number for PETA?

ID: 1015215

17. Called it.

ID: 1015216

16. Now we know.

ID: 1015218

15. Clarification.

ID: 1015222

14. “The sign is bad enough Jeff, you don’t have to stand there and watch it.”

ID: 1015223

13. “Dammit. Sorry.”

ID: 1015224

12. Always a concern.

ID: 1015226

11. This freezer is on Spring Break.

ID: 1015198

10. “But that cardboard looks nice.”

ID: 1015228

9. What was that about workplace morale?

ID: 1015229

8. The least fun art museum on the planet.

ID: 1015230

7. “I’ll have two!”

ID: 1015231

6. Well, at least they got past the sign.

ID: 1015233

5. Noted.

ID: 1015234

4. A highly enthusiastic member.

ID: 1015235

3. Clearly a Boston rink.

ID: 1015236

2. Oddly enough, this was an ‘Herbal Baking’ class.

ID: 1015237

1. Ever wondered if Vanilla Ice used daycare…

ID: 1015208

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