27 Events That Can Ruin Your Childhood

This may explain a few things.

Some events can be very traumatizing as a child.

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1. Like when your play toys start attacking you.

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2. When you are an accessory to your dad’s work out.

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3. When this is what you are dressed as for Halloween.

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or this…

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4. When your Jedi father uses the Force against you.

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5. When you are misplaced in the stuffed animal section.

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6. When your favorite sports team does not like you back.

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7. When the playground is no longer safe.

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8. When you learn the dangers of common household items.

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9. When you drive before you get your license.

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10. When you suck at gymnastics.

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11. When your childhood pet attacks you.

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12. When you have a traumatic fishing experience

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13. When you rolled through the Wal Mart produce aisle.

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14. When you are thrown…

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or rolled…

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…like this.

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15. When you play catch with your aggressive mother.

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16. Or your father.

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17. When this is your first birthday memory.

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18. When pools are no longer fun.

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19. When this is your first pair of stockings.

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20. When these are your toys.

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21. When you learned Mother Nature may be out to get you.

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22. When you were used as a kung fu weapon.

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23. When you are misplaced on the naan tray.

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24. When this is your parents idea of a photo-op.

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25. When your father tries to take your photo…

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26. Or your mom tries to take hers.

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27. When this happens.

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28. But this might be the worst of all.

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But keep a proper perspective.

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We know you will end up on top!

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