25 Things "D.C." People Say But Don’t Really Mean

“So what do you do and WHERE DO YOU LIVE?”

25. Greeting from a person you have never met: “It’s good to see you again!”

24. “I’ll make sure the boss sees this right away.”

23. “What do you do? …Oh, that sounds interesting.”

22. “There are no Ubers available, I guess we can walk.”

21. Elected official referring to a colleague they hate: “My friend…”

20. “Of course you can crash on my couch while you look for housing.”

19. “Oh, wow, $1,400 a month for a converted sunroom. So cheap.”

18. “I would never look up your salary.”

17. “I don’t lie.”

16. Intern answering the phone in your office: “Let me check if they are available…Oh, she’s in a meeting… can I give them a note?”

When SHE is sitting RIGHT THERE.

15. “I love going back home.”

14. “You look good in seersucker.”

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13. “I am kind of the social media expert of my office.”

12. “We should get coffee sometime.”

11. “Thank you for all your hard work. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

Followed by: “I love your passion”

10. To a reporter: “Oh, I read your stuff all the time.”

9. “Yes, mom, the D.C. dating scene is really mature.”

8. “These heels are really comfortable.”

7. “Of course I don’t mind going to your house party in Clarendon.”

6. “H Street is really safe.”

5. “I don’t care that I wasn’t invited to that.”

4. “I really like the new ethics rules in Congress.”

3. “I only read BuzzFeed for the politics section.”

2. “I am just here to work for the American people.”

1. Jay Carney: “I appreciate the question.”

Carolyn Kaster / AP

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