25 People Who Are Way Worse At Driving Than You Are

Please, for the sake of society, get off the road.

1. People who are trying to kill you.

ID: 908295

2. People who are lane hogs.

ID: 908484

3. People who drive into plants.

ID: 908297

4. People who do not stop at crosswalks.

ID: 908478

5. People who do not look when turning.

ID: 909361

6. People who ruin construction workers days.

ID: 908298

Great job….

ID: 908302

7. Bus driving road hogs.

ID: 908466

Or just reckless bus drivers.

ID: 908487

8. People who drive on the sidewalk.

ID: 908299

9. People who knock out all the power for small Swedish villages.

ID: 908473

10. The “Why is everyone waiting in this line?” driver.

ID: 908303

11. People who dont know how to drive on ice.

ID: 908492

12. People who text/ tweet/ call/ Words with friends/ Snapchat/ Facebook/ sext/ Jungle Run or do anything with their smartphone and drive.

ID: 908304

13. People who look soooo awesome on their motorcycle.

ID: 908482

14. People who cause this.

ID: 908305

15. Long turn signal people.

ID: 908306

16. People who hot dog.

ID: 908503

17. People who do not follow signs.

ID: 908309

18. Huge trucks that scare the s**t out of us.

ID: 908489

19. People who run into household appliances.

ID: 908310

20. People who fly through the toll lane.

ID: 908468

21. People who drive YOLO.

ID: 908311

22. People who drive cars that are too big for them.

ID: 908490

No seriously.

ID: 910376

23. Bad parking people.

ID: 908312

They honestly think they are parking like this:

ID: 908467

But in reality, this:

ID: 908315

Essentially, they think this:

ID: 908317

Just make sure your car is loaded up with these.

ID: 908294

25. People who drive through foam.

ID: 908504

If you are one of these drivers, this is what we all want to do to your car.

ID: 908472

Or this.

ID: 908474

And all these drivers are just like:

ID: 908300

Thanks guys.

ID: 909365

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