25 People Who Are Way Too Honest

Maybe this is not the best policy.

25. Store names can be too honest.

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24. Irony can get too honest as well.

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23. Police complaints can be too honest.

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22. The pointing out of similarities can be too honest.

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21. You can certainly be too honest on social media.

ID: 1032674

Har har.

ID: 1032683

“Yes, Steve, you do technically have seven chicks on you right now.”

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20. Instructions can certainly be too honest.

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19. Political advertising can be too honest.

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But we all agree that some political honesty is refreshing.

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18. TV hosts can certainly be too honest.

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17. Some polls are too honest.

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16. Your yearbook quote could be a bit too honest.

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So can your obituary.

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15. Some local news headlines are a bit too honest.

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14. And sometimes it’s better to not be honest when you’re getting interviewed.

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13. Your online dating profile could be way too honest.

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Or your dating strategy in the first place.

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12. Some stickers for your car can be too honest.

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11. Some aggression can be too honest.

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10. This homeless person is very honest.

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9. Lets hope this is a spelling problem and not an honesty problem.

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8. Sometimes it is easier to just not be honest about the thoughts in your head.

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7. Advertising can certainly be too honest.

ID: 1032676

Um… Rethink that phrasing, Costco?

ID: 1032696

Like, remember, being too descriptive can be a bad thing.

ID: 1032738

Yes indeed.

ID: 1032704

This is certainly true.

ID: 1032718


ID: 1061762

6. Some museums can be a little too anatomically honest.

ID: 1032722

5. Some beauty assessments can be too honest.

ID: 1032726

4. Your sexual fantasies can be a bit too honest.

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3. Doomsday people are a little too honest.

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2. Sometimes, you can be too honest about your job.

ID: 1032739

1. And you can be too honest about what you’re doing at the moment.

ID: 1032741


ID: 1061764

But sometimes, honesty is necessary.

ID: 1032732

And most times honesty is the best policy.

ID: 1032743

So be honest as much as you can!

ID: 1032737

Because honesty is refreshing.

ID: 1061769

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