22 Reasons To Love Richard Nixon On His 100th Birthday

No haters!

1. He got beer poured on his head after the Angels won their first ever division title.

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2. He had saucy ‘Nixonette’ singers for campaign stops.

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3. He was dapper in the Navy!

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4. He loved football (can you find him?)

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5. He even played it in the White House!

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6. He invented the fist-pump.

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7. He looked boss in a fedora.

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8. He loved dogs.

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9. He had a beautiful family.

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10. He used helpful visual aids.

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11. And he hung out with Johnny Cash.

Ollie Atkins/ The White House
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“Walk the line.”

Ollie Atkins/ The White House
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12. He met Elvis.

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And Elvis showed off his cufflinks-

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Nixon loved them!

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13. Then Nixon deputized Elvis as a U.S. Marshal!

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No seriously, he did.

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14. He can roll.

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15. He loved America’s pastime.

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16. And yo-yo!

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17. He told the Soviets whats-what.

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18. He played piano.

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19. He kicked ass in a swimsuit.

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20. He helped open a Disneyland monorail.

Getty Ralph Crane//Time Life Pictures / Getty Images
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21. He could snack with chop sticks.

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So, he may sweat too much.

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He may have left office in scandal.

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22. But Nixon lived a fascinating life.

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23. So Happy 100th Birthday!

Photo: Nixon and Checkers. (Washington Post)
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