22 Facts About Politics That Will Make You Feel Old

My. God. No.

1. Miley Cyrus was born in the same month as Clinton’s first presidential election.

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2. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and NSYNC were created the same year.

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But DOMA stayed together 10 years longer.

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3. The first year of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air there was still a Soviet Union.

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And this was the national average gas price.

ID: 1571816

4. Drudge Report and Nintendo 64 were created the same year.

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5. Both these things were released the same year.

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6. Britney and Justin were born the same year as the Reagan assassination attempt.

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7. The year Joe Biden was born, a map of Europe would have looked like this:

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8. Justin Beiber is the same age as the Contract with America.

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9. When Obama first ran for office, this was the world’s most popular phone.

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10. The war in Afghanistan has lasted longer, in total years, than Friends.

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11. Nancy Pelosi was made a year after Gone With The Wind.


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12. When these guys were born, Lenin was still in charge of the Soviet Union.

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13. Mitt Romney is older than the state of Israel.

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14. George H.W. Bush is a year older than the Queen of England.

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And they both served in WWII.

ID: 1571407

15. Speaker Boehner is older than the states of Alaska and Hawaii.

ID: 1571464

16. Jack Kennedy would be 96 today.

ID: 1571483

17. When Bill Clinton was born, Al Capone was still gangsterin’.

ID: 1571500

18. For only two of the last 65 years, has this family not had a member in Congress.

ID: 1571564

19. These guys came together the same year.

ID: 1571581

20. Mr. T has not been to the White House in 30 years.

ID: 1571795

And this was 20 years ago.

ID: 1571524

21. Same year:

ID: 1571854

22. Kids who begin high school this year have only lived in an America run by these two.

ID: 1571537

And they have no idea what is happening here.

ID: 1571548

For which they should be forever thankful.

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