21 Frustrated DC Tourists Write Messages To The Dysfunctional U.S. Government

“Congress! Get your buns in gear.”

At the most famous monuments throughout Washington, tourists from all over the world are met with signs like these:

BuzzFeed traveled to some of the most beloved national monuments and asked tourists what they had to say to the U.S. government.


Honor Flight veteran.


“Dear Government, our Queen fired the entire Australian Government when it shut down in 1975. Perhaps this is an option? I wanted to see Lincoln!!!”


“Thank you for making the average person suffer for your inability to compromise.” (Middle finger)


“He fought for freedom. So, can we only take a picture?”


“We homeschool our kids and brought them to DC for U.S. History education and with this shutdown they will miss out on a wonderful opportunity.”


“Thanks for screwing up the family vacation. Congress should take a permanent vacation and we should start over.”


“Congress needs some more TEAM SPIRIT.”

21. And one from a furloughed worker who could not be identified.

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