21 Adorable Ways To Show A Parent’s Love Is Universal

Come here, lil’ guy.

The principles of parenthood are pretty universal.

21. Because all babies need some help understanding the world.

And learning how to navigate it.

Thats where parents come in:

20. Every baby loves to play.

And every baby loves to play with his friends.

19. But sometimes they do not play back.

So sometimes parents need to give them a helping hand.

18. Every baby needs some attention.

17. And every baby needs to laugh.

16. Every baby needs to learn how brave they are.

Sometimes they are too brave.

And sometimes they are not brave at all!

15. But parents are happy to show them all that they can do.

14. Because the world is a dangerous place.

13. And sometimes babies need to learn their boundaries.

12. Every baby loves to explore.

11. Every baby loves to learn.

And discover how amazing the world is!

10. Babies are curious!

9. And after all that exploring there will be some cleaning up to do.

And parents will be there to clean up.

8. Most babies are not sure about getting their first bath.

7. But it’s pure bliss when they discover something that tastes good.

6. Every baby needs someone to scratch their back.

5. And give them their binky.

So they can take a nap. Every baby loves to nap.

And parents love providing that comfortable place.

4. And even though sometimes babies can get on a parent’s last nerve…

3. …and do things no one can understand…

…a parent would not trade their baby for the world.

2. Because all babies are precious.

And need someone to believe in them.

1. Don’t worry, we got you.

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