19 Things Mitt Romney Did In 2013 Instead Of Being President

Not being president.

19. He took his wife and grandkids on vacation and wore a hat.

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18. Posted this old photo of his wedding.

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17. When asked what cartoon character he would be, he said Spiderman.

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16. Hung out with Rick Perry and his hipster glasses.

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15. Celebrated his 66th birthday with a hat and cupcakes.

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14. Went to a Jets game with Dick Cheney and Rudy Giuliani.

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13. Rode in this car with Jay Leno.

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12. Had Jake Tapper take a photo for him while being photobombed by a statue.

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11. Welcomed his 22nd grandchild.

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10. Made a burrito with Rachel Ray.

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9. Ate Marshmallow Fluff on TV.

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8. Signed a wall at CBS.

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7. BLASTED this lil’ punk with water.

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6. Helped administer an eye exam in Peru.

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5. Made a dessert with tousled hair.

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4. Then stood on a cliff with tousled hair.

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3. Took his grandkids go-karting in the desert.

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2. Made ice cream by hand for children.

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1. He helped promote Ann’s new cookbook that encourages sledding with children.

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More sledding with children.

ID: 2115277

His kids were busy too! His son Josh rescued four people from a car crash.

Then took this smiling picture next to the wreckage.

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And his other son, Tagg, cleaned his mantle with Adam Sandler.

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And that was Mitt Romney’s life in 2013.

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