17 Awkward Photos That Only Politicians Take

Say cheese.

17. The “Look at me! I’m about to go on TV!”

ID: 2683217

“No, but I’m on TV, IRL.”

ID: 2683865

16. The “I just voted for myself” curtain creep shot.

ID: 2683748

15. The “I’m next to a famous person and I don’t understand it.”

ID: 2684183

14. The “Look at me. I’m wearing a hard hat.”

ID: 2683875


ID: 2683884

*Hard hat photos are in the same family as neon vests and lab jackets*

ID: 2684554

13. The “Shhhh, I’m talking on the phone to an important person.”

ID: 2684171

12. The “I’m looking at a computer, because technology.”

ID: 2683858

11. The “These animals and children love me, don’t you?”

ID: 2684391

10. The “I wear jeans too.”

ID: 2684188

9. The “Doing something that should definitely not be done in a suit.”

ID: 2684417

8. The “Hey kid, don’t you just want to take a photo with me in front of my sign?”

ID: 2683819

7. The “Let’s hold food.”

ID: 2683805

6. The “Awkward food order.”

ID: 2683755

5. The “What is this manual labor?”

ID: 2684459

4. The “Hey, look! I’m in a flak jacket.”

ID: 2684353

Closely related: The “I got a gun!”

ID: 2684933

3. The “I’m signing stuff.”

ID: 2684198

2. The “These little kids do not know who I am.”

ID: 2684539

1. The “Lets cross our legs together.”

ID: 2683692

“Much better.”

ID: 2683690

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