13 Tea Party Signs That Forgot How To Sign

That escalated quickly.

There was a sizable Tea party gathering on the lawn of the Capitol today… but some of the protest signs left something to be desired.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
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1. If your messaging is based on death camps and the Holocaust, you’ve already lost.

ID: 1620289

2. Same goes for slavery.

ID: 1620368

3. Is this just a fact on a sign that we all agree with?

But the sandals really make the suit.

ID: 1620288


ID: 1620290

5. Since democracy has failed, how do you propose to accomplish this?

ID: 1620291

6. Engineering needed here.

ID: 1620292

7. “Snowden Rocks Obama’s Socks.”

ID: 1620360

8. If you compare the guy who killed bin Laden to bin Laden, does anybody hear it?

ID: 1620369

9. Making friends.

ID: 1620370

10. TL;DR.

ID: 1620371

11. “He REALLY wants to bomb Syria.”

ID: 1620373

12. “GOP Grow A Pair. NO Obamacare.”

Scythe, check.
Scrubs, check.
Wig, check.
Cough mask, check.
Hipster glasses, check.
Enough cardboard….DAMMIT!

ID: 1620374

13. Short, and to the point! …what was the point again?

ID: 1620287

*DEFUND OBAMACARE* That’s what this was about! Gotcha.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 1620465

Rand Paul’s new sunglasses approve.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
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