10 Things Obama Should Remember When Meeting The Royal Baby

Good luck!

In the next three years there is a really good chance that Obama will come face-to-face with the royal baby.

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1. This meeting will be important because it will be the first time the future British king meets his realm’s most important ally.


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2. The royal baby will probably be confused as to why he is being put in the hands of a foreign power.

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3. The royal baby may try to troll you, Mr. President. Be careful.

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4. If the royal baby looks at you like this, he is not pleased.

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5. The royal baby will probably give you some chin action.

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6. Do not look at the royal baby like this, no matter how he smells.

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7. It is important to close your mouth around the royal baby.

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“That’s better. I will be king, remember?”

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8. The royal baby may go for your eyes since you are, in fact, leading what could have been a British colony.

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9. This is the face you should have at all times when meeting the royal baby, Mr. President.

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10. When in this scenario, hand the royal baby back to Kate.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Mitt Romney would not have fared any better.

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