10 Things Obama Should Remember When Meeting The Royal Baby

Good luck!

In the next three years there is a really good chance that Obama will come face-to-face with the royal baby.

1. This meeting will be important because it will be the first time the future British king meets his realm’s most important ally.


2. The royal baby will probably be confused as to why he is being put in the hands of a foreign power.

3. The royal baby may try to troll you, Mr. President. Be careful.

4. If the royal baby looks at you like this, he is not pleased.

5. The royal baby will probably give you some chin action.

6. Do not look at the royal baby like this, no matter how he smells.

7. It is important to close your mouth around the royal baby.

“That’s better. I will be king, remember?”

8. The royal baby may go for your eyes since you are, in fact, leading what could have been a British colony.

9. This is the face you should have at all times when meeting the royal baby, Mr. President.

10. When in this scenario, hand the royal baby back to Kate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mitt Romney would not have fared any better.

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