10 Bathtubs You Wish You Were In

Things where they’re not supposed to be!

1. This cute girl in Froot Loop bath.

ID: 965513

2. These two girls in a donut tub.

ID: 965523

3. Ed Helms in a tub full of peanuts.

ID: 965527

4. Orange girl in a cheese puff bath.

ID: 965540

5. This guy in a tub of Doritos.

ID: 965550

6. Bros chillin’ in cheesburger tub.

ID: 965570

7. This babe swimmin’ in candy hearts.

ID: 965582

8. Stud in tub of batteries.

ID: 965611

9. Frat boy in beer bath!

ID: 965635

10. And, of course, Reggie and the Full Effect Skittle tub.

ID: 965705

And the sad aftermath…

ID: 965711

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