The 22 Most Annoying Stages Of Doing A Group Project

Yes, I would love to work with a group of random people I barely know.

1. When the groups are pre-assigned.

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2. When someone wants to get it done WAY in advance.

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3. When someone announces that they have a “crazy schedule” and can’t meet up.

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4. When one person is too into their own terrible ideas.

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5. Group Texts? Really?

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6. When someone asks you to do something unnecessary.

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7. When someone wants to become best friends.

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8. When people have never used Google Docs.

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9. When someone is literally unreachable.

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10. When someone has some crazy obsession and won’t stop talking about it.

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11. When someone volunteers your group to go first.

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12. When someone wants to meet up on a saturday night.

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13. When someone cancels last minute and everyone loses it.

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14. When the person who has done the least work complains about anything at all.

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15. When your teacher wants to meet privately with your group.

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16. When someone threatens to give someone a bad evaluation.

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17. When someone wants to practice the presentation over and over again with everyone ever.

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18. When you give your presentation and someone literally can’t do it.

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19. Especially when that was the person who wanted to practice so much.

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20. When you finish your presentation and someone in the class ACTUALLY asks a question.

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21. When someone says “WE did it!”

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22. When your teacher announces the next group project.

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