The 15 Things That Chicken Nugget Lovers Are Tired Of Hearing

You know who you are….

1. “You know there’s no nutritional value in those right?”

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Do you honestly think I’m in this for the nutrition?

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2. “What part of the chicken do chicken nuggets come from?”

It’s an insulting question. Nuggets are created by god.

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3. “Have you ever seen Supersize Me?”

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Of course I have seen Supersize Me. It made me want to eat chicken nuggets…

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4. “I haven’t had fast food in I can’t even remember how long.”

Stop it.

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5. “I don’t understand why anyone would order 20 chicken nuggets.”

Because for 30 more cents I can look like the nicest person EVER.

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6. “Can I just have one?”

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7. “Do you know how they make those?”

Yes. Shut up.

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8. “How can they even make those so cheap?”

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You’re not making any sense.

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9. “You should try chicken nuggets with ____ sauce next time.”

I have been eating chicken nuggets my whole life. You think I don’t know which sauce I like?

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10. “I always feel so disgusting after I eat chicken nuggets.”


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11. “There’s nothing in chicken nuggets that provides sustainable energy.”

…yes there is.

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12. “They’re just SO bad for you.”

Great. Whatever.

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13. “How many chicken nuggets do you think you could eat in one sitting?

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Millions. I could eat millions.

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14. “I could never eat that many chicken nuggets.”

Then don’t!

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15. “I think eating chicken nuggets is fine…. every now and then”

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