Esztergom’s Top 10 YouTube Videos

Here are some videos about the gorgeous Esztergom city from

10. Deltahf’s Mikrokopter ( Hungary, Esztergom /Bazilika/ )

Péter Szalánczay / Via
ID: 2702771

9. Esztergom In Five Minutes

Marcell Lernyei / Via
ID: 2702729

8. Esztergom ‘68

Z Kov / Via
ID: 2702790

7. Esztergom 2012

Ferenc Gallai / Via
ID: 2702710

6. Esztergom

HUNVilly / Via

A small compilation of what Esztergom has to offer.
Esztergom (pop:31k, est: 972) lies on the right bank of the river Danube. It’s the first capital of Hungary, the seat of the Constitutional Court, and the Roman Catholic Church of Hungary. Home to many monuments, priceless artifacts and museums.

ID: 2702739

5. Christian Museum

magyarkurir / Via
ID: 2702799

4. The Beautiful Esztergom

László Molnár / Via
ID: 2702822

3. Timelapse from Sturovo

ID: 2702969

2. Aerial view of Esztergom

csommy / Via
ID: 2702934

1. Esztergom Final Cut

Tamas Gal / Via

Watch this video as it presents Esztergom as a possible filming location for international or local productions.

ID: 2702670

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