17 Unexpected Things To Paint In Your Home

If you’ve been dreaming of redecorating, look no further. Here are some fun and exciting ways to add color in your home with BEHR Premium Plus Ultra® Interior Paint. It comes in hundreds of designer-inspired colors, so the possibilities are almost endless! Let’s get inspired.

1. Never thought of painting your laundry room? Now’s your chance to brighten it up.

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2. Make your ceiling stand out!

BEHR Paints / Via Flickr: behrpaint
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3. Personalize the ceiling… and fan!

FunkyLetterBoutique / Via etsy.com
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4. Revitalize an old claw foot tub

PegandAwl / Via etsy.com
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5. Spruce up an old fireplace

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6. Accent your vaulted ceilings with some well deserved color

BEHR Paints / Via Flickr: behrpaint
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7. Throw some personality on a plain bookcase.

ELEMENTSofIRONnWOOD / Via etsy.com
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8. How about painting the inside of your shelves an accent color?

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9. Don’t forget about your doors.

Donald Nausbaum / Getty Images
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10. A fresh coat of paint can make your grandmother’s old dresser stylish and modern.

ThePaintedLdy / Via etsy.com
ID: 1296461

11. Add a little “pop” to your living room by painting the doorway.

Stephen Simpson / Getty Images
ID: 1296490

12. Make your kitchen cabinets a little more delightful.

ID: 1296503

13. A boring white room can be improved with a colorful staircase.

ID: 1296499

14. Don’t forget the railings either.

Shutterstock/Ta Khum
ID: 1296504

15. Make a chandelier a little more hip with some vivid colors.

Brenda Zimmermann / Via etsy.com
ID: 1296506

16. Liven up your bathroom with a fun pattern on the wall.

Ivan Hunter / Getty Images
ID: 1296510

17. And paint your headboard so it’s fit for a King!

paintedcottages / Via etsy.com

Or Queen… or full… or twin (bed).

ID: 1296515

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