20 Signs You’re A Whovian Parent

Parenthood: No blinking matter.

1. This is your idea of how to really freak out your kids.

And if that doesn’t work, there must be some re-watchings.

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2. You always dress cool for parent-teacher conferences.

And boy do you enchant the librarian. “Books! The best weapons in the world!”

ID: 1768041

3. At the conference, the teacher mentions your kid’s keen interest in snowglobes.

ID: 1776316

4. You can succinctly explain your motives.

Why should you trust my opinion about wearing pants? Well…

ID: 1768055

5. You bought this when you learned you’d be with child.

Anyone who fusses over nap time will be exterminated.

ID: 1768047

6. Videogames are alright in select cases.

Yep. Minecraft Dalek Mod is v. real and downloadable. But you already knew that.

ID: 1768054

7. Life excites you.

The way you see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. But mostly good.

ID: 1768058

8. You lead quite the example with Lego.

We all make mistakes, don’t we, K-9? But not with this artful construction.

ID: 1768059

9. Your bake sale contribution undergoes several regenerations.

Because that crack can’t be a good sign…

ID: 1768064

10. Also this.

ID: 1776322

11. You DIY all your childrens’ party piñatas.

ID: 1776351

12. Your kids’ friends’ parents now expect them to bring bananas to playdates.

ID: 1776356

13. Brown bag lunches often look like this.

No crusts!

ID: 1776362

14. Also this.

Still, no crusts! Wow, you are clever.

ID: 1776374

15. Your kids get super into roleplay.

ID: 1776363

16. LIke, *super*.

It’s good she doesn’t demand much attention.

ID: 1776369

17. And their graffiti is immediately incriminating.

ID: 1776378

18. Explaining Santa is easy.

ID: 1776334

19. You teach your kids to love a lot.

As if they had two hearts each.

ID: 1768106

20. You openly hope your next regeneration (“child”) is a ginger.

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