The Most Amazing Close-Ups Of Insects You’ll Ever See

No, these are not aliens. These are real insects living on our planet.

1. Ceratina Mikmaqi (Small Carpenter Bee)

ID: 1694000

2. Buffalo Treehopper

ID: 1694033

3. Phidippus Clarus (Jumping Spider)

ID: 1694036

4. Neoconocephalus retusus (Tipped Conehead)

ID: 1694037

5. Chrysidid Wasp

ID: 1694050

6. Conchylodes Species (Moth)

ID: 1694052

7. Megachile Texana (Leafcutter Bee)

ID: 1694053

8. Gratiana Pallidula (Eggplant Tortoise Beetle)

ID: 1694055

9. Arrhenodes Minutus (Oak Timberworm)

ID: 1694056

10. Lycaeides Melissa Samuelis (Endangered Karner Blue Butterfly)

ID: 1694058

11. Catterpillar of the Endangered Karner Blue Butterfly

ID: 1694061

12. Leucauge Venusta (Orchard Spider)

ID: 1694063

13. Calopteryx Maculata (Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly)

ID: 1694064

14. Crepidodera (Leaf Beetle)

ID: 1694065

15. Camponotus Chromaiodes (Red Carpenter Ant)

ID: 1694066

16. Reflection of a Beetle

ID: 1694067

17. Halictus Ligatus (Bee Covered in Pollen)

ID: 1694071

18. Dysdercus Ocreatus (Cotton Stainer)

ID: 1694072

19. Pepsis Ruficornis (Spider Wasp)

ID: 1694075

20. Leafhopper

ID: 1694077

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