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    • bbk

      Not getting manicures or wearing earrings makes you superior to the ladies who do? Do you also not wear bras, dresses, skirts, heels, lip stick, lip gloss, stockings, panties, hair bands, jewelry or mascara?  Why do so many ladies seem to believe that women who don’t do what is traditionally perceived as “feminine” are somehow stronger, tougher and superior to those who are “feminine? It’s like this belief that basically, to be superior you have to be masculine, like guys. No manicures, no dresses, no heels, no make up, none of that mushy girly stuff. And really all you’re doing is perpetuating the image that masculine traits over trumps feminine traits, masculinity is desirable, they’re tough, strong. Feminine traits like enjoying make up, wearing dresses, well that’s for wussies. Instead of trying to be masculine to make yourself feel tough, how about being a woman and pushing for the world to accept women’s traits, feminine traits, as just as strong and deserving of equal respect as masculine traits?