10 Classic Movies Told In 3 GIFs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animated gif is pretty much IMAX 3D. So much of a story can be captured in three visual pieces. Check out these ten movies in moving-snapshot form. This visual storytelling brought to you by Banshee, a new series premiering January 11th at 10PM on Cinemax. Visit the Banshee GIF Shop for some awesome visuals from the show.

1. North by Northwest

ID: 756587

2. Fight Club

ID: 756564

3. A Fistful of Dollars

ID: 756567

4. Kill Bill: Volume 1

ID: 756568

5. Yojimbo

ID: 756593

6. Fargo

ID: 756579

7. Taxi Driver

ID: 756622

8. The Fugitive

ID: 756603

9. The Night of the Hunter

ID: 756599

10. The Usual Suspects

ID: 759098

Here’s the first episode of Banshee in three GIFs:

ID: 765880

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